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Met Sacrificium (GER), Spyker, Angelic Forces, Undeceived en Seventh Spirit Burning

  • genre Metal
  • locatie Talent Stage
  • deur open 19:00 uur
Metalforce is een begrip binnen de religious metal en zij hebben speciaal voor de Popcentrale vijf waanzinnige metalbands weten te strikken:

+ Sacrificium
Versatile, energetic and profound - without neglecting brutal linearity. That's distinctive for Sacrificium from Stuttgart, Germany. A twentyfour-year band history with many live appearances in 12 different countries and quite a few line-up changes helped the band to achieve thier maturity. After a few self produced records the band signed in 2002 their 1st record deal and released their CD "COLD BLACK PIECE OF FLESH" ( Rock Hard 7.5/10 etc) thru the german label Whirlwind Records. Basically into the old school death metal vein but with a significant approach to the modern views if the genre, Sacrificium made clear how they would carry from that point.
In Nov. 2005 they released ther 2nd CD "ESCAPING THE STUPOR" (Rock Hard 8/10, Legacy 12/15, Metalnews 6/7) thru the greek label Black Lotus Records, followed by reviews and interviews in all important magazines around the globe. On stage they satisfy with their experience and roll with a bunchload precision, energy and emotion over their crowd as if there would be no tomorrow.
No matter if small or big location, Festival or on tour they proved their skills beside bands like Extol, Unleashed, Eluveitie, Dismember, Hatesphere or Becoming the archtype... Since a while the band is working on their next record "Prey for your gods", which will be released with the bands 20th anniversary in 2013 thru the german label Whirlwind Records.
The band released their latest record "PREY FOR YOUR GODS" (Rock Hard7.5/10, Legacy 12/15 etc.) fall of 2013 thru the german label "WHIRLWIND RECORDS" with the 20th anniversary of the band. Sadly the label decided to quit buisness after one year and so the band had to take care of the distribution themself for a while and finally found a partner in SOUNDMASS RECRODS for worldwide distribution.
After a few line up changes and the return of former band member Ulrike Uhlmann the band is now working on songs for the follow up record of "PREY FOR YOUR GODS" which will be released to the 25 th anniversary of the band.

+ Spyker
Spyker is a melodic metal band from the Netherlands formed early 2009. Spyker combines their interests in different styles of metalmusic to make a powerful mixture of blastbeats, grunts, breakdowns, but also smooth melodic guitar parts and heavy screaming.

The band started in 2009 and released their first EP called 'Sacred Rage' in 2010. Their second EP, called 'Spyker EP', which came out in 2013. Currently Spyker is working on their first full-length album.

+ Angelic Forces
In 2014 bassplayer Wilco van der Meij decided to leave the Frisian Metalband Methusalem. Still
Wilco couldn’t get the Metal out of his head so he came with the idea to start another Metalband.

Together with singer/guitarist Harold de Vries (also ex-Methusalem) and drummer Rudie Kingma,
Wilco started searching for a guitarist to complete the band. It was ex- L.S.D. guitarist Maurice
Gijsman that was found to enforce the new band.

In the spring of 2015 Angelic Forces was completed. Since that time Angelic Forces is working hard on
its repertoir. On June 2016 Angelic Forces recorded their first single and after its first release, that
same month, the single received positive reactions worldwide.

Angelic Forces plays traditional Heavy Metal, heavily influenced by the 80’s Heavy Metal.

Belgische death metal band die zijn inspiratie haalt uit bands als Crimson Moonlight (SE), Seventh Angel (UK), Cannibal Corpse, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Death, Megadeth, Tourniquet en Horde.

+ Seven Spirits Burning
Seven Spirits Burning is een nieuwe band van Nederlandse bodem. De band omschrijft zichzelf als Post-Hardcore, en heeft onlangs hun debut EP 'Brain Surgery' uitgebracht.

Entree: € 4,- v.v.k. | € 6,- d.v.k | Deur open: 18:00 uur | Aanvang: 18:30 uur

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