High Voltage w/ Clockwork Psycho (SVN) + The Zombie Crows (BE)
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High Voltage w/ Clockwork Psycho (SVN) + The Zombie Crows (BE)

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High Voltage w/ Clockwork Psycho (SVN) + The Zombie Crows (BE)

High Voltage brengt je de tofste rock, punk en psychobilly. Deze editie: psychobilly van:

Clockwork Psycho (SVN)

The band was formed back in the 2011 and they are:

- CLOCKWORK LILITH - doublebass and lead vocal
- AL ER?EN - guitar and back vocals,
- MARKO VALANT - drums and back vocals.
We have to mention also former members: GREGOR DOLENC, who was the first drummer and LAWRENCE JORDAAN (R.I.P.), who played solo guitar and wrote many lyrics.

During this time around 150 concerts were performed in Slovenia, Balkans and all around Europe. They are the part of the European psychobilly scene, which is confirmed by the numerous successful tours and presence at almost all psychobilly festivals in Europe from year to year.
They have two albums, "Nightmares From Laibach" (Fury Records, Nervous Records) and "I Do not Give A Fuck" (Diablo Records), both released by British labels.

They shared the stages with the giants of the psychobilly scene such as Demented Are Go, Batmobile, Frenzy, Guitar Slingers, Banane Metalik, Gutter Demons, Koffin Katz ... and also with the punk-rock legends The Casualties and Infa Riot and with the legendary Southern rock band Nashville Pussy! We are expecting a new studio album in April 2018 under the name "The Hated", which will also be released at Diablo Records. This will be followed by a new European tour, new festivals and more!

Stay sick, stay psycho!

The Zombie Crows (BE)

Stel je eens voor...opgeblazen dynamiet to the max, met een explosieve cocktail bestaande uit zeldzame energie, agressiviteit, kracht, stevig met elkaar verbonden door stevige passievolle ritmes. Je hebt al een klein en vaag idee van wat The Zombie Crows kan zijn, de stoere avonturiers van psychobilly made in Hellgium! 

DJ: Lucky

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